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Good day, and welcome to the Romanova project! Eles es tuos amigos boni'simos.

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Adjectives go after their nouns. Comparative adjectives and adverbs are expressed by mas, superlatives by el mas or by the suffix -i'sim. The letter s may be pronounced like the z in zoo when followed by a voiced consonant.

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The verbs of Romanova differ only for tense present, past, perfect, etc. The plural definite article is los alternatively, las may also be used, with no distinction of meaning. Indirect object pronouns and nouns are preceded by the word a. Table of Personal Pronouns of Romanova Person.

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We have created this language in the hope that all the speakers of the modern Romance languages will be able to communicate efficiently among themselves. Direct object pronouns and nouns may optionally be preceded by the word pe in any case where it may otherwise be difficult to distinguish subject from direct object. La lingua nova consiste de tres mil vocablos, mas o menos, i elo fu formado di vocablos prendidos di todas las cuatro linguas roma'nicas maiores: Comparison of adjectives and adverbs: No declension of nouns and adjectives.

The personal pronouns of Romanova, except for the pintar slot spray and second persons plural, have two distinct forms.

This is mainly allowed so that Romance-speakers won't have to change this ingrained speech habit. Nus ave produsido esta lingua con la speransa ce todos los parladores de las linguas roma'nicas modernas podera' comunicar eficasemente entre se.

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La terra es tamben mas grande ce Mercurio. The pronouns of Romanova: Some common adverbs have casino closest to cannon beach oregon unique form, not derived from an adjective. Si tu pode leser esto tecsto, donse la lingua nova ce nus clama Romanova sta funsionando multo bien!

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The stress on words is similar to that of Spanish; an apostrophe after a vowel shows that it is stressed. Other Notes on pronunciation: If it ends in a consonant or semivowel, add -es. The singular definite article is el alternatively, la may also be used, with no distinction of meaning.

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The only written contractions are del and al, which are optional contractions of de el and a el. Words ending in a consonant other than s are stressed on the last syllable. Object pronouns may always follow the verb.

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For example, la isla may be pronounced lisla, and el ome may be pronounced lome. Articles the, anumbers four, third, many phantom efx slots for ipad, possessives my, ourand demonstratives this, those servante a roulette stanley before their nouns.

He asked me if I smoke; I told him no.

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