Dell Precision T3500 RAM Upgrade - Which memory slots should I use?

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It has a dedicated video card2 gb hard drives that 's 1 terabyte gb's. It has been a month since I got this PC and it has been nothing but great. It is a very good machine that can be used for plenty however the cpu is really what makes this machine shine.

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Dell wants to give high end computers to companies so they can have good relations with the companies so the ITs can come back for more computers. As of right now, there are currently three 1GB sticks in the computer. My memory is currently being shipped to me and I definitely want to order an extra stick if I need to so I can avoid any extra downtime of my machine.

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I run Linux on it Ubuntu and it is lightning fast. Even though DDr2 still works fine are. The ower came with a operating system it also has 12 gb if DDr3, and has room for more.

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I have been looking at documentation for the desktop on Dell's website Page 74 Image Link and I noticed that when it comes to supported memory configurations for 4GB sticks, it wants them to be in slots one, two, and three or it wants them in all six slots.

Does anyone have any idea about this? This is a server grade technology. This tower serves as a server. I'm never going to use all that space ,it's just available if needed. So it seems like it supports tri-channel memory configurations for 4GB memory sticks, but not dual channel.

It came with two 4GB sticks. Pre-owned by car Dec 28, Best use tower on E bay I purchase this in the winter of and I love it. You have to look for one with the DDR 3 or graphic's cars because theirs a variety on here.

I got this computer for video editing because my IT teacher in my college told me that the processor in this model is perfect for my tasks I need for.

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There are no other memory configurations for 4GB that are supported according to the documentation. Mine arrived fast and was very well packed in a computer box. It is also set up for Raid. Always look for Dell corporate computers because they are rugged and they can take a beating.

This is one of the best purchases I have made. I replaced the hdd with a samsung ssd making my particular machine much faster than normal. I dont use DDR 2 as most used towers are.

I played Battlefield 4 with the highest settings with no problems or lag. One thing I had to do is open up the power supply and oil the power supply fan.

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The computer is limited on space so you can't really add piles of hard drives and get a massive hard drive. I would recommend this for anyone ,even if it has less memory and smaller hard drives. Very fanfiction naruto gambling computer for a small fraction of its original price.

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Read full review by adam. Upon arrival you just plug it in ,connect and go Read full review Verified purchase: I would greatly appreciate any assistance with this! There is a single 6 pin power connecter for graphics card and despite having two 2. I have a Dell Precision T desktop computer that I would like to upgrade the memory of. It needs to be said that the CPU cooler is a proprietary cooler As with all t's and without modification the cpu temp hovers around 70 degrees celsius under load which is on the hot my konami slots promo codes but still within safe limits.

It has six slots that accept memory. I plan on adding a 90mm fan and attaching it to the cooler with stainless steel lockwire to hopefully bring it down. So my question is, would this computer work with just two 4GB memory sticks in dual channel or do I need to order another memory stick for it to work?

Jun 07, Excellent purchase. Pre-owned by legacyinfinity Jun 09, This computer is perfect for multiple task with the right ram and hard drive. I thought that there may be a case precision t3500 memory slots they just don't officially "support" this memory configuration but it will still work.