Arms Warriors gear (PvP) - World of Warcraft

Pvp best in slot warrior, level 120, patch 8.0.1

You will not do as much burst however, as the lack of shadowmourne means a lot of lost strength, in exchange for more procs and razorice. It was a tough call between using the Sharpened Twilight scale vs the Death's choice.

Restoration Shaman - Breaks the mail spec bonus for more intellect and haste. That said, a mastery-heavy set can be gained by swapping shoulders for cata ones, and reforging all haste into mastery. Double solace of the fallen is also another setup of trinkets that works it's just less management for less regen Retribution Paladin - At this point, all the socket bonuses are worth it. It isn't as good for burst however.

Haste is a better throughput stat than mastery, assuming you have no mana issues which you shouldn't with this much spirit and mana. Wotlk-only gearsets This will be by request for now, as the priority is getting BiS sets that include all useable gear.

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Protection Warrior - Unlike paladins, warriors need significantly more mastery to maintain Had that been the case, whitefin mainhand would be better. Enhancement Shaman - Enhancement only really likes one secondary stat: As to haste vs mastery, more calculations are needed to assertain which is the more useful stat, given the sheer amounts of haste and crit which are available to level 80s.

The healing will drop a little, but you will no longer have mana issues. However, if you want to use shadowmourne, feel free to go unholy. I've chosen mastery here, as there is already a lot of crit from gear.

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Feral tank guardian Druid - A druid has an extremely high amount of health already the highest available to any tank just from specand it also gains a huge amount from damage stats expertise, crit and agility far more than others. Capping hit and expertise has highest requirement, above casino brandis even, so that is done first, followed by almost pure agility gemming.

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Spirit isn't so useful to disc, as they have rapture, which is a large amount of regen at level Even with this set, there's approximately 30 wasted rating, which is extremely unfortunate, however it is not worth using other items at this time.

It's worth keeping a huge mastery set on-hand for the pre-pull deathwish "buff". Cataclysm gear actually has less agility in almost all slots than the ICC epics. Assassination Rogue - Since Assassination doesn't get a huge buff to AP, secondary stats start to move ahead, particularly in mastery.