Riddler's Revenge

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Use it to overload the fusebox in the central corridor with the locked gate.

Gotham Casino Riddler Arkham Knight

Look at your left in the corridor on the other side and you will find the statue on the table. Look for a set of wanted posters for Bruce Wayne to the right of the entrance to the Museum. Use the Voice Synthesizer to send the robots onto the pressure plates, looking away from the trophy. They say the more things changes the more they stay the same.

There is a pressure pad in an alleyway southwest of the crane. Go northwest from the Solomon Wayne Courthouse. There is an REC-powered door in the northern corridor of the Torture chamber. You will will find a grapple point above there.

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I'm guessing you haven't progressed the story enough yet. Look south of the area where you found the previous trophy and you will find a ladder. Rooftop of the Museum, along the south wall. Essentially to complete this puzzle we need to fly into three large, ez win casino panels which can be found on the walls around the room.

Find a display with hyena inside in the corridor leading to the war room.

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Finally, you can destroy the riddler mark using Batarang. Look for this trophy in a short passageway along the west wall of Arkham City. Deal with Zsasz in his hideout and then scan the collection of broker cards on his desk.

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Climb the nearby vents and get it with Batclaw. Top of the crane to the northeast. Look for it on the rooftop of the building where you found the last trophy. Inside the torture chamber in the eastern side, you will find the water cooling chamber.

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Beneath the second beam is the Riddler question mark. Destroy the wall that leads to the water cooling tunnel D. On the rooftop of the Orphanage. Jump off the ramp onto the other building, then power the box next to the trophy using the winch.

Riddler trophy next to gotham casino

Puzzle Trophies These trophies are a bit harder to get than the ones before. Do you have Strange thoughts? Aim for the left side of the cage with small opening. East side of the large building to the northeast of the district.

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Use Grapnel Boost to avoid touching the jeux slot machine en ligne. You will find this trophy attached to the wall above the locked room high up near the east wall. There is a pressure pad on top of the building west of Bank of Gotham.

Go on top of the bell tower. And then head to south for the final pressure pad. Step on one of them, then use Line Launcher to get yourself across the gap.

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The south west corner is the place to look for the trophy. Wait for the right side Riddler mark to light up and then destroy it using Batarang to get the trophy. They can test AND do your job. When you are about to enter Subway terminal, there is a small room.