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With skillful mime, music and witty dialogue Jonny and Manu delight in more than 40 different characters and kidnap their audience on their honestly earned anniversary trip. Guinness Book of World Records: Now he is finally back with a new program.

Mittermeier talks out of school the comedian existence, and faster than we can laugh, the inside story emerges as a showcase to the world, and we are in the midst of an adventure travel of the diaphragm.

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Rob Spence, the native Australian, combines the speed of a stand-up comedy with pantomime elements and the body control of a circus performer. It interviewed your guests an opportunity to yourself and to your chosen topics!

With him your guests are in magic hands. Erwin Baumann goes up close and makes the viewer to cheater. Why is the theory of relativity as a formula relatively short? International winners of magic and comedy. The realistic team of SF 1 appears in the square! To get a room with more than people for cooking, this guy seems to have exactly the right recipe. He is a virtuoso trainer not only of his own limbs, but also the other diaphragms.

Television appearances at home and rolf schmid casino theater. Lapsus spices up the speech of the Chief on, forming new teams, hosted press conferences or plays guidelines by.

He is clown, pantomime, parodist, body acrobat, clown and stand-up comedian in one person. Given a speech joke has it all. Once the speed at which a gag chases the other, the professional mix of music and slapstick, from improvisation and wit.

The new show full of wit and spontaneity is a packed jar of fantasy. How can that be? The mission was established in for the Emmy nominated and won several awards, including the German Comedy Prize. He makes break dancing on a family yogurt, struggling with the incredible pitfalls of a roll of duct tape and tears in an instant from newsprint eyeglasses and fish — because no eye remains dry!

To make matters worse they were for music lessons at the big vodka-lovers and composers Professor Alga Pescaturjan forced. With its program succeeds the award-winning duo both theaters as well as cabaret fans alike to inspire.

He is the showman of his audience research times, sometimes shy, sometimes rapidly and once welcomes in slow motion. At the meeting of alumni from the fifth school class they give three cheers for the good old days. With the very large class clowning leave artist not a dry eye.

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That recognized also the makers of Benissimo and dedicated as an actress for their sketch broadcast. As a company consultant Victor Giacobbo comes to your event and holds the bit speech to welcome others.

Should your product be times presented differently? According to Marco, he has to tell a lot. Still coming later and arrive just in time … Has the time given up the fight against the chaos? The journey starts at the airport — the multicultural place where all kinds of people to each other. In his performances he combines with breathtaking speed and with a magnificent drama juggling, satire, acrobatics and mime.

And that for 30 years! And when you have experienced it, you will hope it will last at least another 20 years. Safari is its new program and the mixture tastes better than ever. In the form of some of these figures, he hosted many broadcasts. Lapsus played throughout the year at the circus. Fastest complete change of clothes — 0. The show lasts about 30 minutes and with gags and comedy deposits only so bristling.

He is actually known in Switzerland only under the name WAM. Rolf schmid casino theater two are a class apart and make comedy with class.

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Guaranteed laugher per number. It can all be a parody. Gladly HTS also created video portraits, documenting your event, making in advance a story about your company, employees and departments or about your latest products.

Since then, she was able to expand her career further and turned among others with Axel Stein 11 episodes of the SAT. Thus, every event whether or Gala Companies Party to the experience. The edited and truncated version is transferred on the same evening via beamer during the evening news or 10 in front of 10 on the big screen.

Late public service, which will be broadcast on each subsequent is Sunday evening.