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RouletteHit's fundamental point is to offer roulette players everywhere throughout the world the chance to earn consistent profits. Disclaimer Our Systems are for information only and we do not guarantee any winnings what so ever.

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If you are already a professional wheel clocker who is currently finding it difficult to find single pin wheels, then let us know as we are sure we can help with our 2, 3 and 4 pin game styles.

My roulette computers are not to be used illegally under any circumstances. Personal demos are best proof possible but they are optional and not essential to purchase. Between 1 and 4 players can take timings - the more players taking timings, the more accurate predictions are.

From a customer in Greece How are you my friend?

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Basically, because of poor manufacture, wear and tear or even a tilted ball track, where the ball will nearly always land on one out of the four metal pins and this takes away the randomness of roulette.

It is a condition of purchase that you use them only where they are legal. Jens Luft Germany Your product's adequacy and predictable achievement never stops to astound me. John I have great news!!!

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It's almost impossible for casinos to stop you winning without losing revenue from other players. And even in small casinos you can earn a six-figure income playing only part-time.

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He is also very much a British national, if that is of any significance. You will be trained by an expert Roulette dealer for as long as it takes to make sure you master the system and be able to win.

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Yesterday I met with John a co-developer of Pred7 at his slot machine or blackjack in London. Roulette computers are legal in approximately half of the casinos.

Very Recent Visual roulette prediction app customer. From 18 spins I get 11 spins correct and from these 11 spins the 4 was exactly the number that I heard in my ear and 2 of them were double paying because with my way of plying I have to put my bet in this way that means double paying!!

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What is my daily winnings? Again, my thanks for everything John and do keep an eye out for those friends of mine who will be calling you soon. The Remote Uber can be used by single players, but it is designed for large international teams.

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Genuine Comments by Real Customers. The only significant difference is the Uber Remote obtains ball and rotor timings via player clicks of a hidden button, whereas the Hybrid uses a hidden camera and automatically measures speeds.

No sensitive equipment is ever brought into the casino, so there's nothing important casinos could confiscate. To maximize revenue, I also sell license a limited number of computers to the public. John you are the best player and you have the best system in the world, and I'm just grateful to have you on my doorstep or rather miles away. The best proof you can get is testing for yourself in a personal demonstration or free trial.

Contact us if you have further questions.

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The results are amazing my friend!!!!!!! When you find 1 and 2 pin tables it will provide the player with astronomical margins. Capable of much more accurate and earlier predictions than the Basic or Lite versions. But it's not possible anymore with modern shuffle machines.

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It is easy to comprehend that wear and tear and especially metal fatigue on the number pockets might quite easily create biased numbers or zones of numbers.