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And sure enough, they were bloody serious about it! After all even the most proficient card-counter never has an exact idea of what the count is due to the fact that two-three cards are burned at the beginning of the shoe. The payout at Remington is 8 for full house and 5 for flush for Double Bonus Video Poker, the game that most experts say you can gain an advantage against.

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First impressions were fairly poor. Thunderbird Casino outside Norman: I am not proficient enough to keep an exact count at all times. Gamble RamblesOklahoma Casinos It is the editorial position here at Okie Gamblers that when Oklahoma casinos fail to honor their advertised match playwe should do our best to publicize that behavior.

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Was there any sign on the entrance doors, or near them? The main games that are missing are craps, roulette, sports gambling and slot machines not based on bingo. A day after our Saturday visit, there was one change and a few more things to notice.

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But where do you suppose they put it up? Fire Lake Grand Casino near Shawnee: I wonder how long they will be content to sit empty on Thursday nights before they come to understand that promotions are what get people to get in their cars and make the long drives to come and gamble?

I play blackjack in Oklahoma. Why not lay on a little extra help to make the conversion go more smoothly?

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Seminole Trading Post Casino at Wewoka: Thunderbird Casino at Shawnee: Holdenville Creek Nation Casino: In my experience, Oklahoma casinos are not good at maintaining mailing addresses; they are constantly swiping your ID and will often replace your mailing address on file with the physical address on your ID. This is from the advertising placard for the October promotions at the Holdenville Creek Nation Casino one of our favorites: The fifty-cent ante does not hurt Lucky Star much, their tables are full on Friday-Saturday nights, until in the morning, sometimes all night.

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Seminole Nation Casino at I Exit: We were having that conversation while new york state gambling revenue to puzzle out two things.

After the war, the tribe relocated several times from Illinois to IowaKansasand finally Indian Territory in the s.

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Two weeks later, the full-time security on the door is still there, and people are still throwing coffee in the garbage as they leave.