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These pictures are of the later model "Scott Injector Hat", known as the Scott Super Slot, this is the one used in mad max 1. They were used for racing where air filtration was not an issue and engines were rebuilt often.

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If anyone has any good reference photos or info please e-mail me. Gordon Hayes can help you out with a reproduction of this one. Although his front end is more expensive, it is ready to be put on the car, it comes with all the necessary like lights, light brackets and covers, mounting frame and instructions.


There for instead of the supercharger and accessories being of everyday GM styling they used a Weiand Swing Arm supercharger cover refer to picture on the left. I have not been able to put a Van spoiler up against my Coupe yet so i can not say whether it can be modified to suit.

The style of the wheels is Apache although Sunraysia rims do look pretty much the same.

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These main sections are, a about 15 inch piece from the front back to the wheels has to be made, glassing the headlight buckets in, from the front to the car, and many other pieces. The Scott unit also does not come with an air filter, so its use on a street driven motor is not recommended as engine life would be shorter.

The unit was mostly used on 60s race cars so they are mostly sought after by nostalgia racers. This was a standard production model available in Australia from to The front end can still be purchased but only in Condor van style.

These frames will have to be strong and sturdy enough to with stand road use and support the front enough to stop it cracking away from the body when driving in rough conditions. This box is held on top a by 6 bolts, sometimes bevelled 45 degree bolts that mount flush.

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They were seen in on Max's yellow XB sedan, except this time the rims have been painted black. If you don't want to go to all the hard work of putting it together, making all the brackets, building and forming large pieces out of fibre glass, ect.

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There were actually 2 or 3 slightly different moulds made. The nose was a custom part developed by Ford Australia in the 's, and was first seen on the Condor van. Even know there isn't heaps of strengthening to be done there is still a lot of glass work that has to be done to get the front looking proper.

They are a stamped steel centre, welded to a steel rim.

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I suggest that a standard FalconFairmont, GS ect. This would suggest that the supercharger is infact ran by the engine, if it isnt ran by the engine it would invole using a variable speed motor and a complicated wireing harness with a motor speed controler ither conected to the excelerator pedal or to the excelerator cable, which i seriously doubt.

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The difference in side wall construction makes the fronts look bigger then the rear, etc.