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Our Special Effect Confetti cannons and streamers cannons can be incorporated into any small or large shows. We can shoot confetti or streamers from 18 ft. We also offer competitive pricing. Low noise and very reliable, including a powerful ventilation system, they are very easy to use.

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No you can provide those same lasting memories for your small group of guests or large crowd of revelers. We will design and create special effects to accent a performance, highlight a stage show, and enhance a corporate presentation.

We use only the best, Evaporating DRY Snow Machine Generators, in the industry and all our snow machines are tuned by a professional acoustician to remove motor noise.

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After confetti or streamers are loaded into a barrel, a pressure cap is taped to the end of the barrel using our black tape. The one horn 3" venturi model has a longer tube to help project confetti further and is lighter for mobility and use one 20 pound c02 tank for 50 seconds. FACT; confetti is projected via a "cannon" a small pressure vessel using compressed air or carbon dioxide.

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No matter what the size of your venue. Operates on volt.

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Each remote control confetti cannon is controlled by a receiver and The handheld transmitter controls the receivers with the push of a button. We will select the right brand confetti cannon for your show, event and venue. Four units in most cases can fill a entire room.

Our special effects will look like pure magic on your stage Just like the theme park special effects. From hand held devices to large venue mortars or continuous blowers. It says there is something to celebrate.

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Great timing and just wonderful effects throughout. Less confetti spread and in amount than the Big Shot, but shoots streamers further and in a narrower path.

The Continuous Blower set up in a ballroom for a corporate convention. So many companies are limited in their offerings and will force their brand for every event. This is the newest model of the True Stadium Streamer Cannon. Uses two 50 pound c02 tanks for 50 seconds.

Whether your event is large or small we have confetti and streamer cannons to create a spectacular effect. We have FBI background checks as we are licensed Pyrotechnic company. It's amazing what a wow effect confetti or streamers has on an audience and what it can add to an event.

Our new never seen before system is latest in High Power FX effects. Streamers can be combined with different colored confetti to give a festive effect-great for company parties and sales celebrations! We are ready to focus on your event Nationwide or local in Florida we will customize, design the special effects for your event.

Huge Valve CV flow rating of 14 with a high quality electric 1" high valve volume release solenoid valve. Two, or more, solenoids can be tandem connected via the systems high pressure quick connect feature, to provide additional punch to cover greater distances, or to power larger custom size barrels. We can shoot 3 to 10 pounds per machine in most cases.

If you need Confetti and Streamers for an event in Florida, We are the largest supplier of confetti services. This unit horn is 38 inches and the venturi is 8 inches Projection machine for Confetti powered by Co2 or Nitrogen N2 through a bigger size venturi tube. We can snow dress a back lot set, silver dollar casino glendive mt property, store window, resort hotel entrance or country club for the holidays in a winter wonderland scenic with hollywood movie technique see Faux Snow Deco for more details We are your best choice for nightly artificial snow flurries; you can book us for a one-day event, over a weekend, or a month run of nightly snow falling.

This means before you release the fire button the streamer are in the air, no other cannon works this quick. Shoots 2" X 30' Tissue Streamers 60' into the air.