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I made my way towards the back of the garden, through the throng of twisting figures.

Naraka & The Hungry Ghosts

At the casino in swift current saskatchewan end of the garden I met the alcoholics. Before him stood two freshly deceased souls, chained about their necks and awaiting judgement.

A nearby rapist had been chained to a post and was having a trident shoved at his genitals. I thanked him and hopped off the bus — into a bustling street of Chinese markets. It was an unnerving sensation.

Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden

Curious to learn more, I set out in search of Hell. Two vast figures dominated the sale slot ravenna, the emaciated forms of a man and a woman.

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It was getting late in the afternoon by the time I reached Bang Saen Beach. I looked up to see him smiling kindly at me, as he arranged potted plants around a nearby Hindu shrine. Behind the slot 1 nai ghosts I examined another row of demons, some with less mammalian faces: These are spirits who have been greedy or jealous people in life, and by punishment are afflicted with insatiable hungers in the afterlife.

Only one pit differs, and that is Avici: It is Phya Yom who informs you of your fate, after comparing your list of good deeds inscribed on a gold plate against any bad actions you have committed in life listed on a scrap of dog skin.

Beside this diorama, a donation box explained: Phya Yom, the Death King, was seated in a grotto to my left. All are punished in the hell. In his religion, there will have been a Kalapapluek Tree growing in the future world yielding which contain every thing one may wish for.

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One-by-one the other passengers got off, until I was alone with the driver. She spoke in Thai, and I understood around four words in as many minutes — but it was somehow flattering that she would try speaking to me in her own language.

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The journey took us just short of two hours, escaping the horrific Bangkok traffic to leapfrog the aria resort and casino theater map resorts which lie scattered along the coast east. Further illustrating the point, near the exit I came upon a series of twelve figures which corresponded with the signs of the Chinese zodiac.

Sure enough, by 9am I was wedged into the back of an old bus between a couple of elderly Thai women, with a breakfast of noodles and a syrupy iced coffee. The palace was new to them. Taxis seemed non-existent here, so for the next four hours I walked up and down rural lanes flanked with high hedges, beside highways and past grocery shops, barbers and massage parlours.

It was early evening, and the dark clouds made it appear darker still. Later I stopped for a coffee at a roadside shack, and the woman running it made conversation while I drank.

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Generally though, they are characterised as having great height combined with mummified skin, skeletal limbs and distended bellies. The storm was still blowing, and it was just beginning to get dark.