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Remove passenger side front wheel.

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Remove the black plastic shield which may have been covering and seperating the Hall area of the dist. I think you'll need a 16mm wrench to hold the bolt on the other end to keep it from spinning.

Scott Justusson In later cars, Audi put an 80 amp fusable link into the ground wiring for the radiator fan. Disconnect the two plugs from their carriers on the driver's side of the block, just to the right side of the carrier for the plug wires.

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Witcher chapter 3 gambling recommends replacing them every 60K miles. Mark the general direction the rotor is pointing. You can use a 22mm offset open-end or a box-end wrench, or you can buy a special O2 sensor socket that has a cutout in the side for the wires.

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Saw off the smaller pin end and file it flush with the gear hub. With engine cold or lukewarm: Support the gear hub on the far side not on the gear teeth and tap the roll pin part way into the shaft.

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Cam gear is plastic and breaks easily. Remove the anti-tamper cover, if any, on the dist hold down clamp nut, located on the stud in the head under the dist location hole, remove nut and clamp.

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Remove the shaft, not loosing the fiber thrust washer at the top end, and clean the dist body and Hall rotor. Make sure you have the flat washer on the sensor you pulled. New Bronze Gear Installation: You can get a generic three-wire sensor for much less, and just splice the wires into the existing ones.

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Using an open end wrench loosen sender and finish extraction by hand but maintaining slight upward pressure to avoid excessive coolant loss. There are a couple of stays that keep the wires in place; open them up, then pull the wires through and untie the string.

Drill out the top of the soldered connection of the old brushes because they are not only soldered, but crimped in place, then they shoot out of their sleeves. Here are some instructions for replacing the sensor: When finally in place and locked down these two lines must line up with each other with the engine at TDC.

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