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Lances The minimum width of an open lance is two times the material thickness or 3. The minimum distance from an extruded hole to a bend is three times the material thickness plus the bend radius.

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The minimum distance between two extruded holes is six times the material thickness. Mark holds a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from the Univ. The minimum distance between welds is 10 times the material thickness.

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The blank which has been sheared from the stock now falls freely into the gap in the die. Also, the upper blade is usually angled so that the cut progresses from one end to the other, thus reducing the required force. The minimum distance from a notch to a bend in a parallel plane is eight times the material thickness plus the radius of the bend.

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Embossments The maximum depth is proportional to the internal radius or material thickness. The material is left attached to be bent and form a shape, such as a tab, vent, or louver. Slitting - Cutting straight lines in the sheet. For the ease of manufacturing, multiple bends on the same plane should occur in the same direction.

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A CNC punch press can be hydraulically, pneumatically, or electrically powered and deliver around punches per minute. Coating Tech Service provides process troubleshooting and project management for precision coated products.

Parting - Separating a part from the remaining sheet, by punching away the material between parts. In most devices, the lower blade remains stationary while the upper blade is forced downward. Above the sheet, the press holds the punch, which is a tool in the shape of the desired feature.

The minimum distance from an extruded hole to an edge is three times the material thickness. Final parts that are produced using blanking include gears, jewelry, and watch or clock components. The first is a downward holding force applied to the top of the sheet.