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The markings are certainly crisp enough and I really like the detail effort in the interior. From a slot car perspective, I can easily see this series growing on me. My model arrived quickly and safely as usual from Power Hobby. The detail level is enough to make me overlook it. One of those cases where slot cars actually taught me about the prototypes.

Although the era of the series interests me, I simply did not watch or follow this series back then. It was consistently turning close to 20K with the numbers being 19,K as an average. Pretty familiar setup to most veterans. Any motor will improve slightly as it breaks in.

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Or perhaps I should say a very welcome one? Swinomish casino & lodge reviews a model aimed a certain audience to be sure, and in my eyes it should satisfy those who can appreciate not only the car but the era of the series itself.

The outside is what I personally have come to expect from Slot. Body and interior is only 19 grams. For our home racing the inline Group C models from Slot. Very smooth with no modifications. Under the base is a parts bag that includes a standard wrench for the set screws.

Remember that this is fresh from the box. For a lightweight half-try interior, Slot.

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The smooth inline system and new motor really hits a home run for my track and that really increases the appeal of the series for me. Perhaps it is just my eyes, but the overall finish seems a bit on the dull side. The chassis is digital compatible as well as compatible with the Slot. I was not a witness to Group C, Group 5, IMSA, or any of these series back in the day either but it did not stop me from enjoying the slot car versions of them.

Under The Hood The biggest surprise to me was the choice of inline configuration. I suspect we will be very close to the rated specifications very soon. So having this model restricted to inline is more than acceptable to me.

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My first impressions were positive even though the model doesn't quite have the appeal for me. To sum it up? They are very reliable and fun straight from the box to your track and should provide you with many hours of fun. Not only is the inline chassis welcomed but I have to say I really like this motor.

Appealing but not perfect. I didn't think the car would appeal to me but I was wrong. Fully assembled with chassis: