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To Build's surprise, Stalk told him to save Tatsuya while he still can before leaving.

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Evolto also mentioned he's the only one who knows full well about the Pandora Box, but Gentoku assured him this research has nothing to do with the box, so Evolto cut to the chase, revealing that he knows what Katsuragi was building isn't a defense system, but the ultimate biological weapon, and that he has plans to use the box to rule all of Japan, which shocked Gentoku. Stalk then created a giant energy projection of a cobra and retrieved the incapacitated Nabeshima, leaving Sento to pass out on the ground after seeing Stalk near the smoke.

Ryuga claimed it to be the truth until the silver booth went off, unveiling the purified Gorilla Fullbottle.

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Sul ricorso numero di registro generale 64 delproposto da: As Slot mystery pyramid conspiracy hints argued with Ryuga on how to properly find a Best Match, they accidently woke up Misora, whom threw a knife at the booth and twisted her sleeping mask tightly in her hands, whispering she'll cut them. With no choice, Sento transformed into Build RabbitTank and duels Rogue, while Ryuga takes on the Faust Guardians, allowing the family and criminal to escape.

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At the return ceremony for the Martian mission, Evolto triggered the Pandora Box, attempting to use his powers to raise Pandora's Tower. Confused Sento asked Stalk what he meant, and Stalk revealed to Sento that he was injected with a large dosage of the Nebula gas, but didn't transform into a Smash, like Ryuga, and it's because of the Smash element coursing within him he's able to transform into a Kamen Rider.

Before he left, Sento unveiled his new invention: The RabbitTank and Dragon's Intertwined Fate The morning following Kamen Rider Build, whom has been active for a year, defeated the Needle Smash and saved a freelance journalistIsurugi was sweeping the front entrance of nascita and proceeded inside when finished until he heard Sento emerging from the secret lab entrance. That One with the Best Match After learning of making himself an enemy of Touto and bringing Ryuga to their secret lab at night, Isurugi became upset and scolded Sento for this current dilemma he's put himself in.

The Order of Conspiracy Walkthrough. Sento then theorized that with the box's energy, Faust learned they can create superhuman beings, which Isurugi surmised, to keep up his con, that by solving the mystery surrounding the box would also expose Faust as well. Now playing foosball with Sento, Isurugi admitted he joined Faust, another lie, to gain information about the organization and save Misora, then added that Faust could claw their way into the Touto Institute if Isurugi returned the panel to thoem.

Free Games at GameHouse! Faust, a scholar whom made a deal with the devil to obtain power.

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From Faust, he took along a Build Driver and an unknown number of Fullbottles; upon his return, he plastered the panel into one of nascita's basement walls. Before Sento could go any further, he received a call from Ryuga, learning that he and Sawa have made it to Seito.

Whether you believe they were actually behind. During his first lookouts on Faust, he had received and used the Transteam Gun to transform into Blood Stalk until he regained his lost Evol-Driver and used his Evolbottles to transform into Kamen Rider Evolgaining new Evolbottles with each person he possessed. Forcing Stalk in a corner, Build tossed his weapon aside and dragged Stalk to the ground, pummeling him as he demanded to know whom injected him with the gas and erased his memory.

In the morning, Isurugi opened up nascita and blew a kiss at the sun, then proceeded inside to see Ryuga awake, telling him what he learned from Misora last night about his failed attempt to transform with Sento's Build Driver. Sento rushed to see the new Panda bottle and walked down, believing that no one else but Ryuga believes he's the true murderer, but Isurugi and Misora played around and pretended to believe he did.

Isurugi told Ryuga that's not why Sento's trying to save Tatsuya; Isurugi revealed that Sento is the kind of person willing to help anyone in trouble.