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Lap totals are compared to determine placement. In HO size, these dragstrips are often a scale quarter-mile.

Additional Resources Please visit the 3-Post Alligator Clip Driver Station product page on our website for a mounting template, installation instructions and a generic slot car track wiring diagram for this driver station.

This driver station is designed for controllers with alligator clips. We recommend reading through this entire document to become familiar with the steps BEFORE starting to assemble the kit.

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Be sure to use the slot racing nice of your crimping tool designated for insulated terminals. The rules were established in to insure the fair and equal racing concept for all participants.

Use wire cutters to trim the ends of all 3 wires so all wires are the same length. At the end, the top competitors from the last-chance are re-placed based on their new lap totals though never lower than a comptetitor that didn't make the last-chanceand the winner of the heat moves into the final position in the main. We will start with the white wire and insert a brass machine screw through the ring as shown below.

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Additionally, home tracks are often used for national competition. Be sure to use the crimping area designated for non-insulated terminals. The top competitors number of lanes minus one from the round robin move into the main, and the runners-up as many as there are lanes are moved into the last chance heat.

This is also referred to as a "rider" and is considered to be a dangerous and unfair situation. Amateur and Expert f Group 27 Light: During this time, we have fabricated close to 1, driver stations for our customers worldwide.

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Most of the tracks used in the USRA regional and national events are either original American Raceways AMF commercial tracks or variations of these designs made from original blueprints. The first and least common way is begin with one driver on one lane of the track, a segment usually consisting of 2 minutes is run in which the slot racing nice attempts to complete as many laps as he can.

Competition tracks are usually laid out as road courses with many turns, though ovals and "tank tread" trapezoidal ovals are also fairly common. Finally, install the red wire in the remaining hole using the same steps described above for the white and black wires. Bracketed formats are usually reserved for national events, and include qualifying, elimination consis, semifinals, and a main.

The second and most common way to run a round robin is to have four drivers or as many as there are lanes start at a time, and rotate through all the lanes, before being replaced by the next set of drivers. Though there is HO racing on commercial and shop-tracks, probably most HO racing occurs on home racetracks.

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Some crimping tools will also have different positions for the size terminal AWG being used. USA competition classes[ edit ] 1: Most HO rules require tracks to provide voltage between In USRA Division 1, the use of traction-enhancing compounds on the racing surface "glue" or " goop " offerte di lavoro tecnico slot machine be applied to the racing surface by the competitors.

Amateur and Expert e Group The cars are molded to look like Dirt Modifieds and Sprint Cars. Do NOT strip insulation off the other end of the wires at this time. Additional resources including installation instructions, wiring diagrams, etc. Using your wire crimping tool, position the barrel of the ring terminal into the crimper.

On a road course or oval, each car and each lane is generally marked with "lane tape" of a distinguishing color, allowing the corner marshals officials to return cars that have spun off the track to the proper lane. Position the ring terminal into a pair of lineman or slip-joint pliers as shown below. Note the crimp indentation shape right picture — your shape may be different depending on the crimping tool you use.

It is foot in lap length and eight lanes wide. The race has been held since HO scalea generalized size, originally 1: A different segment of the hobby is slot car drag racing on a long straight strip of track.

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At the same time, the next driver in the succession moves into the first lane, placing his car at the starting position. Shop and club tracks used for competition especially in 1: Another example of a 1: Slot racing organizations[ edit ] 1: Track calls are also sometimes used in the event that a car flies off the table and cannot be located by a marshal.

PdL with the goal being to establish a North American "true scale" 1: The last chance heat is run before the main, and is usually run with the same time parameters as the other heats.

The Assembly Diagram is also a useful reference — we suggest referring to it in addition to these instructions. Congratulations — your completed drivers station is ready for installation!!