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I give the mold a couple of squeezes after the pour of the rubber to make sure any air is given a chance to get released. Braids are not too much of an issue unless they are the big Carerra style ones too thick.

Do not mold silicone tires without a release agent spray can of stuff you spray an original with. Make sure you label your molds!


Meaning, I have a few stables of certain types of cars. Could you go over, in detail, the steps you used in making a mold of an original tire that you take off of a car? Word of mouth on the internet - 40 is the best My homebrew tires are now even better than the Slot It S1 tires and stay that way lap after lap after lap.

Fully Charged With a powerful 2,mAh battery for all your day to day tasks, the S1 provides the dependability and necessary power you expect form a BLU smartphone. Android Nougat New multi-window support to use apps on screen simultaneously.

I hear 60 is good for front tires My Fly GT40 tires and GTB tires have huge curves on both sides so they actually came out looking very accurate even on the down or inside Take advantage of every moment and enhance your pictures as you see fit with default Beauty settings.

I hope that was helpful to everyone out there in slot car land.

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Often times you simply end up with a heavier car needing even more traction. I have found my tires do not require CA glue to keep them in place. When I found the tyre making article you wrote must be a 10mths ago -it may me get on my way to having a go myself, I was truly inspired - with over cars I thought this can save me some trips to the slot shop and some cash.

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Is the finished uerethane rubber tire sandable? First of all, this ain't rocket science! The difference being is that they do not collect dust after a few laps.

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The very first tires I made were better than I expected and grip as good if not better than any silicones I have used on my routed tracks. As you may know, racing on a wood track means you need non-factory tires.

Better background optimization to minimize RAM use by system and apps. Designed to exceed the standard form, the metallic paint along with state of the art curved glass touch panel sets the S1 apart from it competitors.

After hours, carefully flex the silicone to grip a tire edge and gently pry it out - not that hard after your first one You guessed it, the mold stuck to the tires. Thankfully, Slot It now includes a pair of S1s underneath the box for all new releases.

This is great news for those cars but what about all my Fly cars?

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No, I simply pour smoothly and slowly and hope for the best - no air bubbles to date on my 20 or so molds made with OOMOO. I had some questions on the making of tires from a friend on the internet yes, you can have "friend on the internet" so here's my answer to each of the questions that were posed to me: I ended up using Oomoo 30 silicone for molds and ReoflexA30 for my tyres and the black tint being a bit of a purist the tyres had to be black LOL.

And what about the drop in traction after a few laps on a wood track? In slot s1 travels, I have experimented with almost everyone of these factors.


All went well in my mold making until I chose to use the Slot It silicone tires to make a large hub tire mold. Total Security The S1 assures you have total security and convenience with the press of a finger.

Have you checked your shelf-queen tires lately? It will also make it more fun for the kids so they don't slide out as easily and get frustrated. Cheers, Mike PS - You realize that you can now use this method to recreate mirrors, spoilers, etc. They are usable but not as durable.

The mold will remain stuck to the glass. Once you get the hang of the technique you will be making tires like a pro. The photos and info on your web page are great, but I have many questions.