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My highest priority is that if there were any smokers in slots betting strategy vicinity I would sit as far from them as possible. These will also help you to play longer. I enjoy your website. Some are based on the size of the bet versus the times you win, some are based on a series of patterned bets and some are based on the number of spins. What you should do depends on your priorities. It seems that on multi lines, when you get lucky and the first five cards are a winner such as a natural flush drawit guarantees that EVERY hand of multi-play will also be a winner.

My general advice is to find a slot machine without a max-coin incentive and then bet one coin at a time. However, for most people, they get to play some spins at casinos where you can play for fun, or cash.

Most payoffs are multiples of the line bet, even though there are some "bonus" wins that pay multiples of the total amount bet. Be cautious with betting systems If you have a particular pattern you like to use or system that works for you, then you should continue with it. Just curious if slots betting strategy had any info.

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Darin from Iroquois, Canada No. There are many different ones available.

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As for how to determine when a progressive jackpot is unusually high, you'll either have to observe it over a long period of time or find someone who has done the same.

Otherwise I would distance myself from any loud noises, including other players. This is a good question and I wish I had a firm answer. If given a touch screen to stop tumblers should I stop them. NC law requires games of skill. So, have fun playing slots.

The book Robbing the One-Armed Bandits by Charles Lund covers specific positive points for various machines, however many of the machines covered in that book are now hard to find. Charts are available on every machine to show the total number of each symbol and blanks in each row. After the first spin you may hold or respin any of the three rows to obtain final results. However, this is very common with progressive video poker players.

This is a question regarding fixed odds betting. If you want playing longevity then you should play as little as possible per spin.

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It doesn't matter what the probability is, if the events are independent then the past does not matter. Plus, it probably rarely happens that a meter gets high enough to overcome the house edge. Robert For purposes of determining the game outcome the slot machine does not consider how many lines you bet or how much per line. I've noticed some new video slot machines Money to burn, High Bid, Money for nothing, Who Dun it, etc that differ from the normal three-reel slots in the following ways -- first they have five reels.

The exact answer depends on the slots betting strategy return of both machines, and nobody ever reveals this information. Instead of being lucky and hitting a big win, you use your strategy to ensure a win. You have slot machine rhythm odds of winning big based on your luck than you do because you use a strategy. Since these machines are IGT machines I assume that the symbols are weighted and randomly selected as posted.

However, no matter how bad the first five cards are, it does not guarantee that EVERY hand will be a loser on the draw because every hand will have an independent draw. It doesn't make any difference what the coinage is.

These offers come from people who have found sure fire ways to maximize winning on online slots and they want to tell you how to do it too. I play 50 cent slots and higher. If the machines were crowded I would pick an aisle machine, giving me a little more elbow room and one less neighbor.

If you win using a betting strategy on slots obviously the system works. However, without reel weightings, I can't tell you the cost of not playing max coins. I have never heard of any, but they've got to be out there. Thus, the return is the same regardless of the number of coins played.

As the jackpot grows some strategy adjustments are called for to more aggressively try for the royal. Assuming only 8 coins, the meter would have to reach 15, coins.

If your goal is a small win then you should be playing low volatility, high hit frequency games. I was playing video poker this weekend when the conversation turned to whether it is better to play one machine or try several machines looking for the one that is paying.