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So the record is well-written in that sense. Omar Rodriguez-Lopez over the past 19 years has released or been featured on what is to say at the least an extensive discography of 44 albums, something that even R. Song ends in a mess of texture and sounds, with drones in the background to accompany it. However instead solar gambling review are treated to a bass which a.

Ximena's voice is very soft and beautiful throughout the track, but the synth just Solar gambling review highs on the album are very high, and at 34 minutes, it is sufficient enough to keep you interested and not so long that it will lose your attention. There are also a few tracks that are really short, that are ambient, somewhat droning tracks that attract some interest, but ultimately leave a lot to be hanging.

Solar Gambling is just not fun. Live it was a really spacey, decent song and Omar's guitar sounded more like a peaceful ufo then it did a stringed instrument. The funny thing about Vasco De Gama, is that it could easily be a very good song.

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The rest of the song sounds much like a shoegaze song, the distorted guitar layers and Ximena's echoing vocals. Miel Del Ojo, on the other hand, is actually a really nice song. Omar could have easily arranged it to be a pretty, little dream pop song.

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Omar lets the piano and bass do their thing while adding gentle guitar textures in the background. An upside is that the album name is really, really cool.


On past records, Omar has been surrounded by a thick, powerful rhythm section. The guitar drones throughout it, and the track is filled with static sounds. Marcel's keys float around in the background and sound very latin.

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The keys, the bass, any instrument has free space to make itself noticed, to drive the song. However on Solar Gambling you realize that Las Flores, while sounding nice and melodic, is a really boring track.

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The musical upside is that there is a walking acoustic bass in this track. This holds somewhat the same for Un Buitre. It feels as though he allows the keys to breathe instead of letting the guitar rudely shout over them.

The piano is very minimalistic, but the chords played are really quite emotive. The guitar work sounds the same as the rest of the guitar work on Solar, aka melodic chords put through solar gambling review delay.

This song is perhaps the most generic and most mainstream sounding thing Omar Rodriguez has ever composed. Cryptomnesia and Xenophanes, two albums with explosions of sound and little room for dynamics and breathing room.

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January 31st, 10 replies Release Date: This is the best track the album has to offer and is actually just perfect, in general. The song turns into a drone track very quickly, with the sound of one guitar hold sustained notes.