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After learning that Kalin was on the run from Sector SecurityYusei approached Jack to ask him to help. He then made his way into New Domino through the trash pipeline. Carly snuck him out on a gurney as a body with a sheet over it. Later, he met Yusei Fudo and Crow Hogan and became one of their best friends.

He can be very much insensitive to those around him, such as his final conversation with Carly before he left the city. He also says that the Signers still have a lot to learn about each other, and the only way they met each other was through Yusei.

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During their Duel, Carly used the card " Enlightenment ", causing Jack to see an alternate future in which he lost his Duel against Carly and died. Skyrim roulette challenge disguises Jack to avoid media attention.

Jack can be manipulative, up to the point of even using his friends to get what he wants. Who rules the Duel?

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After Jack's Duel Runner was repaired by Goodwin, he told Mina that he would go to Satellite and make his own "road" rather than "Road of the King" he had previously been on. Jack at the Duel Statue. After returning to the city, he and Mina told Carly she had best not get involved and Jack broke her camera's memory chip to hide the conflict between the Signers and the Dark Signers.

His other accessories include a neckband, similar to the one worn by Yugi Mutoa belt buckle and earrings in the shape of the letter A, the first letter of his last name. Jack Dueled and defeated Yusei, after which he told Yusei that one cannot win a Duel with MonsterSpell or Trap Cards stop black jack, only with them joined up.

They told him that he had changed and tried to get him to abort stop black jack battle with Security.

Jack Atlas

Jack once saved Rally from a group of bullies, but didn't stick around to converse. However, Carly's normal self managed to take control and activated a Trap Card that forced her to lose. Jack sitting alone on his throne. Jack ultimately won, however he still couldn't find a job.

Jack is an arrogant man at the beginning of the story who thinks of his opponents as little more than entertainment for himself and his audience. Thus, thinking that all of that happened because of the dragon birthmark, he believed now that Yusei has the chance to become King without giving up anything.

Akiza was in a comatose state and is visited stop black jack her parents Hideo and Setsuko. Jack immediately took Akiza to the hospital to get help for her, thinking Carly had been sacrificed to the " Earthbound Immortals ". He was told that the Signers are drawn together and guided by faith.

The Crimson Dragon transported Jack and his companions to Goodwin's island residence.

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In the dub, he uses phrases, such as "Let's kick this Turbo Duel into overdrive! After conquering all of Satellites zones, Kalin changed, taking Dueling so seriously that he forced a kid into a Duel and proceeded to beat him up after winning. Although conflicted about maintaining his title even though he technically lost to Yusei, Jack complied with Goodwin's plans in the hope of truly validating his title by finally defeating Yusei in the Fortune Cup and gave "Stardust Dragon" back to Yusei as a sign of competition.

As a child, Jack was a lone wolf and never played with the other children. Carly suggested that the real Jack Atlas was returning and that the old Jack was the real one defeated by Yusei. Jack wanted to Duel him but is stopped by Yusei, who tells him that its too dangerous to Duel a Dark Signer here.

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Jack told Carly that that wasn't the fate she truly wanted and activated his Trap Card while showing her her glasses. Jack responded to a call at Carly's apartment from Mina Simington and flies back to Satellite.

During the course of the vision, Carly's glasses slipped from Jack's coat, causing him to remember Carly as she normally was and snap out of the vision. After Goodwin's defeat, he works with Yusei and Crow to help those in need rather than focusing on his own ambition, but he still maintains a grumpy attitude.

Jack did not want that to happen.

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