how do i test for a bad memory slot....?

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References 2 Computer Hope: All other ranks are deactivated for the duration of the operation by having their corresponding CS signals deactivated. Many DIMM manufacturers thought that the transition from DDR2 to DDR3 would be trivial but they do not realize that the difference can be their major manufacturing and testing challenges.

Warnings Hold the RAM sticks only by their edges, and never touch the transistor components or metal parts.

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Pretest, Mobo test, RMA test Due to the above reasons, a modern memory module factory would adopt new test procedures specially designed for DDR3 module testing. An SPLC tester would catch the obvious problems. The only way to check your motherboard's memory slots is to place a working RAM stick into each one and see if your machine boots properly.

Common types of DIMMs include the following: Check the results when it runs, and if this test returns no errors, you've ruled out your RAM as the cause of your problem. Check your installed RAM for possible errors. Manufacturers would use a real system board to boot and memory diagnostic to screen through the memory.

In other words, the tester is to guaranty that the module is ready for the next stage of test. Speeds[ edit ] For various technologies, there are certain bus and device clock frequencies that are standardized; there is also a decided nomenclature for each of these speeds for each type.

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First is the Fly-By clock and the self calibration to make sure the clock arrival time is in synchronization with the Data Strobe DQS lines. This also verifies that the remaining RAM is good and not adding to your computer's memory problems.

The common issue at this stage are either wrong SPD information or just dirty gold finger contacts. Boot with each remaining RAM in the suspected bad slot to verify that the slot has indeed failed.

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These modules are made with 36 die stacked memory chips essentially loading the module with 72 chips load. ECC modules usually carry a multiple of 9 instead of a multiple of 8 chips. PCB trace impedance and line length balance rules must be observed. Repeat this process until you find the slot that causes a boot failure.

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Hairline shorts look like an inductance roulette metal pour meuble high frequency and are not always detected by functional test.

The special software would report test failure and pin-point the bit and the chips that fails. DDR3 modules run at higher frequency and, therefore, require more attention to signal integrity. CST, Inc, provides a testing dimm slots chamber that can heat up a module rapidly before test.

DDR3 data line DQ series resistors are extremely tight in value to stretch the working margin at high frequency. These modules draw high average current up to 8Amps and will fail on most DDR3 memory testers on the market. Williams briefly attended college for a degree in administration before embarking on her writing career. Whether it is speed issue or operating voltage problem, the advanced testers would tend to catch them when over-clocking and testing dimm slots voltages are applied.

It also has leakage test especially geared towards detecting shorts, opens, as well as termination resistor and series DQ resistor problems.

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Smart parity features also allow self monitor of non-performing circuits. Please come into our Website www. DIMMs are currently being commonly manufactured with up to four ranks per module. Memory rank Sometimes memory modules are designed with two casino nueva andalucia more independent sets of DRAM chips connected to the same address and data buses; each such set is called a rank.

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OEM customer determined that this is an essential test for registered modules. Since heating source is through optical radiation, the temperature rise is very quick.

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Power down and move the stick to the next slot. In this case, the two-sided module is single-ranked.

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You can work around it by compensating with larger RAM sticks in the remaining slots, or you can replace your motherboard. The resistor value tolerance is thus very important. Besides, these DDR3 register has many unique programmable features to tailor the module to different environments.

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You may want to try your other RAM sticks in the same process, starting with the first slot again.