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The analysis of the Pro Count is by Norm Wattenberger, and methode roulette casino terrestre is nobody I would trust more for that. That, in my opinion, is an unforgivable act against his fellow man.

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One of these days I hope to simulate it myself. In the back are several appendices of interesting statistics.

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Revere has the best treatment of the basic strategy I have ever seen and explains clearly and mathematically his argument that you can make a lot of money at blackjack. I respect the system and know many legitimate counters use it.

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John Patrick's Blackjack by John Patrick I can't recommend this book because the basic strategy is incorrect. Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution by Frank Scoblete Golden Touch Blackjack introduces the Speed Count, an easy to use strategy, designed to bridge the gap between basic strategy blackjack merter card counting. At pages this book packs lots of information from topics varying from how to change your name to Chinese herbs that can sharpen your play.

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Meanwhile, my heart goes out to the tree that was cut down to make this book. However, a sharp-eyed casino surveillance expert stands in the way of Raven's goal, producing a dramatic, page-turning finish in casinos from Reno to the Caribbean.

Dynamic Blackjack by Maverick Sharp Published inthis is the first new significant casino ruidoso new mexico book in years. Fred Renzy says the advantage is between 0.

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Dave, the bad karma will come back to you some day. In all fairness, much of the content is in the form of tables, for a host of different blackjack rules, that are safely glossed over. Read the book, and play it now, before the other side reads it too. His book contains three count strategies but his more powerful Plus-Minus or Point Count you have to order separately.

This book is full of practical advice for survival as a card counter as well as being an enjoyable read.

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At pages and a small font, this book is not light summer reading. Despite the removal of tens, Spanish 21 is indeed countable. If you find yourself betting backed off or barred playing blackjack this book may be just what you need.

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It isn't easy but if there were an easier way then everyone would be doing it. The Theory of Blackjack by Peter Griffin Just as the title says this book in on the theory of blackjack.