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As for poetry, it is only used for chanting verses to the flowers and the moon; when one is hungry, it cannot be cooked to make a filling meal. According to Mark McLeod, "no other Vietnamese had so thoroughly combined study of these two traditions at such an early date.

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Such a scheme, he reasoned, would strengthen national defence and remove what he regarded as the pernicious influence of the scholars: These are the things that. Exposed to modern ideas by his religion, he yet clung to the old order in which he was trained.

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These occurrences are not attributed to the actions of the king and his officials. His proposals called for a strong reduction in the importance of classical studies and the morality fostered thereby. The superior men who emerged at that time wrote and reasoned in the literary style only, considering themselves elevated and distinguished.

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Studying in this way until one is old is truly a strange practice! Our country also had famous luminaries, and their deeds are worthy examples.

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Thus, a country with a tyrannical king is still better off than it would be if it had no king. As a well-born Catholic, he also Every living thing in this world is endowed with a distinct nature, and thus each must have a distinct charge to fulfill In everything, they want to return to former times.

This came in the wake of a invasion by France and Spain of Vietnam. A History Page 65 " A person is born and grows from the period of nursing to the period of infancy, milutin peric slot the period of youth, and then on into old age Furthermore, the common people of a kingdom often commit crimes, and the Lord uses the king as a scourge in punishing the offenders.

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Never has the world seen such an eccentric educational system. Afterwards, the Westerners heeded this warning, and so in selecting their officials, they absolutely never have literary examinations. At present in our country, there are those who eat but do not plough, who do not study yet seek to become officials, whose judgement is limited but whose arrogance is boundless, who do not do their duty, and who know nothing of morality He said that the French "would treat our people like fish on the chopping block" and lamented the lack of foresight of the mandarins in seeing this, asking "why is it that only very few people pay attention to these matters, instead thinking only of how to compete with each other, word by word and phrase by phrase, seeking to develop a superb style?

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Thus, to kill the king is no different from killing the Lord Himself. According to these scholars, To's collaboration with the French was based on the assumption that a temporary peace was necessary for Vietnam to buy time to undertake nation building through Westernization, after which a renewed battle against European imperialism and political domination could be successfully fought.

When [our Vietnamese scholars] are harrahs blackjack tournament 2015, they study the astronomy, geography, politics, and customs of the Central Kingdom.

None of these tendencies addressed the social and political problems themselves.

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In more recent times, the historian Truong Ba Can demonstrated that according to the files of the Foreign Missions Society's headquarters in Paris, Gauthier definitely did not venture to France during — During the 19th century Franco-Spanish attacks on Vietnam, a large number of Vietnamese Catholics had obeyed their missionaries' calls to support the European invaders against their emperor.