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When he is at the rock face on the hill he may disappear into the rock but he should then reappear on top of the hill.

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Kitchens Edit The basement kitchens of the Ultra-Luxe are accessible from the Members Only Area, where the door is unlocked, and The Gourmandbehind a door with an easy lock. Unless the player disarms the mines on the makeshift bridge into Primm, McGee may kill himself by stepping on them as he makes his way into town.

Edit The game will inform the player if McGee dies at any point, similar to the message that appears if an non-player character companion dies on Hardcore mode. Don't fist fight with Deathclaws?

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Gamblers, travelers and other Strip tourists found here will theorize the White Glove Society is more interested in maintaining the Gourmand's air of exclusivity than filling the restaurant, and are subsequently padding the waitlist and arbitrarily denying access to customers. The highly fashionable bar, "The Top Shelf," is also located in the entrance room that doubles as the casino.

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Most Non-Commissioned Officers are. I just go and do vikki and vance casino they tell me. An alternative is to obtain a key and White Glove maskand wear this diguise before entering the Members Only area. McGee levels with the player character, which is quite unusual for a minor non-player character. Mortimer can be found at the reception desk.


It contains the steam room where the player can meet the investigator's contact during the Beyond the Beef quest. The drinks are overpriced, but that's the point. The door to the cashier has an average lock.

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Then he travels east, passing north of Gibson scrap yard. He then travels along the southern path through scorpion gulch and heads south towards Gibson's shack. All of the staff and family members are well-dressed, wellspoken, and well-behaved.

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Interestingly, drinking the water from the bath house pool HP 2, Rads 0 is considered theft, but harbors no Karma loss nor does it make anyone hostile. McGee was supposed to be a Lance Corporal instead, according to game files.

Vídeo de interés: Trofeo/Logro: Viejos amigos - Fallout: New Vegas

The route he takes is: The restaurant is renowned for its famous brahmin Wellingtonand boasts a long waitlist, even though it usually seems sparsely populated. Members Only area Edit The Ultra-Luxe Members Only Area consists of a large dining room, adjoining prep room, reception area, closet, and members of the White Glove Society, some of which are armed with dress canes and described as " bouncers.

This suspicion is commented upon by Mr. He may be killed by a gecko before the player gets to meet him.

You have any other obvious facts you'd like to share? At higher levels he can have to hit points, compared to just 50 hit points for a normal NCR trooper. Of course I can see the Powder Gangers have taken over Primm. There are three metal boxes within the cashier area at the bottom of a shelf that hold your weapons and those of your two potential companions, and a variety of random caps and small loot in the other safes and containers.