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The book is filled with full colour pictures of the machines and covers the most common slots you are likely to encounter for sale. The book is primarily for the beginners to this hobby of buying vintage mechanical devices, One Arm Bandits. The object was to stay in the arcade playing on the machines for as long as possible before the pennies ran out!

You would put your penny in the slot, and either pull a handle, or shoot a ball around a track, in the hope of winning more pennies to put in more slot machines.

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Help support Slot Collecting by recommending the book and encourage "new blood" in to this hobby. Based in the UK just a few miles from London in Hertfordshire. According to British law up untila machine had to involve an element of skill if it paid out a reward.

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When a customer purchases a slot machine from me, I offer lifetime guarantee, as long as you own the slot machine, providing you bring it to me for repairs. But as the author states in the book that we've all been "beginners" at some time, and like anything you buy for the first time, knowledge is key.

I feel if you treat the customer right and gain their confidence by doing good work, they will be a return customer in the future.

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Also see my other web site devoted to the machines of W. Summary of our website and service: The book does stress the fact that like vintage slot machines uk things we buy, the price guide is purely that These differed markedly from the type found in America, due to the different legislation in these countries.

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There are not too many people in this business that will make an offer like that online schnell geld verdienen casino actually stand by it. Consequently, those old mechanical slot machines have now become highly collectable.

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We have a large inventory of parts for antique slot machines. I have been fixing and restoring or cleaning for over 30 years almost any mechanical coin operated machine.

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Buying a vintage machine is always difficult because the information is not often readily available, so this guide book gives a short history of gambling machines, the various manufacturers, the things to consider when buying and most importantly a guidance of price you can expect to pay based purely on past sale prices.

Whether it is small repairs or full restorations, no job is too big or too small. I have traveled all around the country in order to buy, repair or sell my antique slot machines.

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