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Be sure to use the crimping area designated for non-insulated terminals. Additional Resources Please visit the 3-Post Alligator Clip Driver Station product page on our website for a mounting template, installation instructions and a generic slot car track wiring diagram for this driver station.

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Be sure to read, understand and follow all instructions concerning use of your tools. Next, install the black wire in the center panel hole using the same steps described above for the white wire.

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The accompanying images show the front and back of the crimped ring terminals. During this time, we have fabricated close to 1, driver stations for our customers worldwide.

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Since the inception of Slot Car Corner inwe have offered a wide selection of slot car tracking wiring products and services including custom Driver Station fabrication and high-quality Driver Station Kits. Position the ring terminal into a pair of lineman or slip-joint pliers as shown below.

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Be sure to use the portion of your crimping tool designated for insulated terminals. Do NOT strip insulation off the other end of the wires at this time. Note the crimp indentation shape right picture — your shape may be different depending on the crimping tool you use.

Squeeze the crimping tool firmly to crimp the terminal to the wire. Some crimping tools will also have different positions for the size terminal AWG being used.

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No part of this document may be reproduced, transmitted, or linked to in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of Slot Car Corner L.

Additional resources including installation instructions, wiring diagrams, etc. On the top of the panel, insert the white plastic washer over the machine screw.

Repeat this step for the remaining two 2 wires. The Assembly Diagram is also a useful reference — we suggest referring to it in addition to these instructions.

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This driver station is designed for controllers with alligator clips. First, carefully peel the protective covering off the front and back sides of the panel.

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Repeat the steps above for the remaining two 2 wires. If necessary, remove strip more insulation or trim off excess bare wire before crimping the terminal. Crimp a spade terminal onto each wire as shown. Use the tie wraps included in the kit to help secure and organize the wires. We will use wire with black, white and red insulation to match the driver station hookups.

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The step-by-step instructions, and accompanying photos, are designed to make assembling the driver station kit as straightforward and painless as possible. We recommend reading through this entire document to become familiar with the steps BEFORE starting to assemble the kit.

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Finally, install the red wire in the remaining hole using the same steps described little river casino camping rates for the white and black wires. Your ring terminals with degree bends should look like those in the picture below.

Make sure the bare wire is inserted as far as it will go into the terminal barrel. In particular, be sure to follow all safety instructions.

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Use wire cutters to trim the ends of all 3 wires so all wires are the same length. Congratulations — your completed drivers station is ready for installation!! Next, insert a metal washer over the brass machine screw.

A vise could also be used for this step. This wire is readily available at home improvement centers and automotive parts stores. The hardware in the small bag on the right will be used to mount the completed Drivers Station to your track.

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Using your wire crimping tool, position the barrel of the ring terminal into the crimper. All Rights Are Reserved. Next, thread a locknut onto the end of the machine screw. No special skills, tools or electrical knowledge are required to assemble this kit — assembly typically takes 30 — 45 minutes.

We will start with the white wire and insert a brass machine screw through the ring as shown below.