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Wall file slots. Mail Slots for Wall or Door | Residential Mailbox

This Mail Drop has a 4-inch-high opening.

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Is Salsbury mail drop tamper proof from the outside? Haven't found what you're looking for? To order le veg roulette falabella Salsbury Industries Mail Dropclick the link and check out from the item page.

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To stop mail theft out of my mailbox. How do you order separately for ? The European Home mail slots have been sold for this use and so far none of them have come back that were purchased for that installation. What is the largest door mail slot available Answer: Are customized brass numbers available for the wall mail slot?

Unfortunately, there are not too many places that specialize in mailbox installation because USPS use to oversee this. Frequently Asked Questions Question: Our receptacle is in the wall and it has about a 6" x 8" opening on the interior wall that needs a little door to cover it.

The closest match to your request would be the Letter-Drop in the silver speck finish. Unfortunately, we do not carry parts for mail slots; however, if the slot was purchased through us, we can inquire with the manufacturer as to whether or not item is available. Unfortunately, we don't have any vintage mail slot parts; however, you could check with Restoration Hardware.

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I am sorry, but we do not have any black mail slots of that size. Can any of the through a brick wall mail slots be mounted vertically? Do you have a metal catcher for the back of the door?

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House was built in I would appreciate any suggestions. This is a mail slot that has the option of a custom liner and collection box. I'm interested in purchasing Salsbury Mail Slots. This item has an adjustable mail flap stop that will allow you to hinder certain things from passing through. You may want to take a look at this Letter-Drop. We carry two collection boxes. People looking for Mail Slots and Mail Receptacles, whether constructed from Aluminum, Chrome or Brass, of various sizes and capacity, will love Budget Mailboxes' collection.

So shop with confidence! The Salsbury Standard Mail Slot comes in antique, chrome and brass finishes. We do not carry any insulated mail slots. I need the two torsion springs for my mail slot. Do you carry them?

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Thanks for your interest. We sell a mail drop that has a 11'' W x 4'' H mail slot. Currently, there is only one mail slot that we sell that is advertised with weather stripping for this purpose.

Needs to let packages in not just letters. What colors are available? I'm looking for an item with an opening of 3" x 9" or larger; NOT the exterior size but opening size. The Salsbury mail drop comes in aluminum, bronze, brass, sandstone and green. Do you carry the mail slot sleeve? Connect with one of our product experts for orders and queries. On the Mail Drop model, what type of installer should I look for?

I am looking for a mail slot cover that has a doorbell button located at the bottom center. Where can I find a vintage door for the inside wall file slots mail slot? Do you have any that are insulated to stop the wind blowing through?

Give us a call! We've had missing money orders by someone sticking something thru mail slot and removing the m. Are these USA-made products? Is there a mail slot available for a wall, ie. Do you carry spring-loaded mail slots Answer: