What Is a 20 Amp Circuit?

What happens if you put a 20 amp fuse in a 15 amp slot, what do you...

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Not Voltage, volts can fluctuate in electronics and not mess things up. Rather than overload the vehicle wiring, find out WHY it's blowing the fuse. Do not follow "bad" advice and install a larger fuse in a misguided attempt to correct the problem.

BigRedRacer BigRedRacer 4 years ago 5 you'll be fine till there is a problem, and then what will fail won't be the fuse but something more expensive. A fuse is designed so that if y a t il un casino a marseille is a problem, then the fuse blows. For this reason, I do not recommend that you simply replace a 15 amp breaker with a 20 amp one.

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So a 10 amp fuse can pass anything up to 10 amps. Some ignorant few will suggest installing a larger fuse or breaker to solve the problem, BUT that will only increase the hazard, not correct it. The purpose of a circuit breaker is to protect house wiring from overheating when too much current is flowing. The Amperage ratings [sizing] of fuses [and circuit br…eakers] are determined by the SIZE of the conductors [wires] in the circuit which they serve.

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And in a worst case, the probability of a FIRE which could destroy the wiring system, vehicle, house, or other structure in which the circuit is located. Can you put a 10 amp fuse in a 20 amp fuse slot? You may want to consider replacing the old 15 amp breaker with a new 15 amp one.

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I've gotten mixed feedback on this. To install an over-sized fuse would almost guarantee damage to the wiring and an electrical system fire.

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Any attemp…t to run too much current through a wire such as putting in an oversized fuse can result in burned electrical components and fire. Yours is a common question whenever a circuit becomes overloaded, tripping the breaker.

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The proper "fix" is for a qualified technician, who knows what he or she is doingto troubleshoot the involved circuit, find and identify the defect, and make proper repair [s], BEFORE replacing the fuse again [with the properly sized fuse or before resetting a circuit breaker].

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