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Each year the town celebrates Beef Week. Northern Rivers Wheat street casino operates rural services to Lismore and Kyogle each weekday, with one return service to Tenterfield available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Yet the idea persists that shows about Aboriginal people are depressing, and I can see why — they have dealt with heavy topics that while not exclusive to Aboriginal people are overly associated with us.

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On top of this, their stories were often told by non-Aboriginal writers and directors. Mary's Primary School, St. This broader representation also extends to the other side of the camera: Kelton Pell plays Odin Freeburn, the show's lead character.

But the actor says colour should be left aside. Bell says it's a result in believing in his dreams. Casino Bus Service operates local town loops, including a loop service to Gays Hill. Her Gods of Wheat Street character Isolde is an aspiring fashion designer in a regional town; a big dream that the actress can easily identify with.

This is something that Pell could particularly relate to, after losing his daughter to suicide about six years ago.

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Bell also wrote two episodes of the series Redfern Now, which created more than jobs for Indigenous filmmakers and performers. A branch line ran via Lismore to Murwillumbah ; that line has since been closed, although lobbying is taking place to re-open it.

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Like most people, I have always wanted to see people like me on TV. It's a story I identify with greatly.

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Yet we have come a long way in the past few years and that should be acknowledged. Aboriginal people are storytellers, with strong oral traditions: I have been impatiently waiting for this show; it was filmed in my hometown while I was writing my honours thesis on the representation of Aboriginal people on screen.

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And they'd like to see more roles of this kind pop up on casting calls. The show ultimately puts the spotlight on an Indigenous family, sharing stories of love, hope and heart.

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In the s, a never completed railway branch line to Bonalbo was started. Margaret Burin Like many good family dramas, its stories centre around the kitchen table. He's now faced with looking after his siblings and own children, amid obstacles of family business troubles, break-ups, affairs and his brother's jail time.

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Casino is the seat of the Richmond Valley Councila local government area. Moving between the earthly and the spiritual, his mother's voice comes back to guide him along the way. It was not held in but since that year, has continued to be held and celebrated.

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Told well, Aboriginal stories have the ability to bring together the Aboriginal and the broader community; to bridge misunderstandings, address stereotypes, educate and provide an Aboriginal perspective on our lives and where we fit in this modern, colonised land. There are still areas for improvement.

Aboriginal or not, most can identify with this. Both commissioned by the ABC Indigenous department, these two series have been designed to address the lack of Aboriginal storytelling on TV. They can also spur Aboriginal people to wheat street casino to careers that previously seemed off limits in television and film.

At times it has seemed as though Aboriginal people were only on screen in a negative context.

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The major drama facing the Freeburns in the first episode, financial survival. More Aboriginal characters on commercial channels are needed. Our screens have started to reflect the community more and more and I am excited to see the progress continue.

Keeping the family together was the last promise he made to his dying mother.

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Much of the filming was also done in the nearby towns Lismore and Coraki. In addition it is the service centre for a rich agricultural area.

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The Gods of Wheat Street employed some of the local community as extras and gave them a stake in the show; something to take pride in ownership of. Among its many schools are the main ones: More specifically it's based around a fictional version of creator Jon Bell's hometown of Casino.

A line was also proposed from Casino via Tabulam [11] and even a line all the way to Tenterfield, [12] Casino is serviced by Lismore Airport with several daily flights to Sydney. It is the regional hub of a very large cattle industry and positions itself as the wheat street casino Capital" of Australia, [7] [8] although the city of Rockhampton also claims this title.