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However, they are not limited to just phones; they also retail electronics like computers, laptops, refrigerators, air conditioners, TVs and related accessories. This is because the head is corrupt.

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The company is totally committed to adding value and their foundation has been solidly built on sound ethical principles. After testing it for some seconds, I was assured it was original and its going to serve me for a long time.

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Many are no longer with God. This is possible through their e-commerce website which enables customers to browse their wide range of products and simply call to make an order. All products are displayed with their specs and prices.

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I was told by a lady that the charger goes for 2,naira. I left the phone there for several hours and the story remained the same. The Ohaneze were too compromised like the present one to make case for Odili or even challenge Edwin Clarke and his militants. Also, you can make your order online and get your product delivered to you anywhere in the country. What I saw inthe governor said in I was advised by my friends to go back to SLOT and lodge my complaints.

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On the next day at school, I plugged the "new charger" and I realized the phone was not charging as fast as I had expected. Again the self exclusion casino louisiana representatives were very rude.

This offended my sensibilities as the point here is not about warranty but the fact that you sold a fake product to me at the price of an original and you showed no compassion.

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SLOTS mgt better look into this issue b4 they become sluts! When the wicked are in power the people suffer. The Fraud In Slot Limited by dgreatrock m: Slot as a company has been known among customers, employees and other stakeholders as a valuable company.

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I must also make it abundantly clear that the PDP and indeed, President Goodluck Jonathan, cannot defeat me in the forthcoming general election. That is why true men of God should not relent in praying for this nation. Slot Slot is particularly known for selling original brands of phones.

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I ignored this and felt maybe it was the electricity current that was below par. This online system has further boosted their pedigree in comparison to other phone retailers in the country. The man of God said: It was while I was contemplating on what to do: I later got to know the phone had Android support anyway.

Explaining the public current view of perceived increased sources of the funds for Imo, which may have informed the upsurge in projects development, the Imo State University IMSU Economics graduate said, the rising IGR, coupled with prudent financial management where is slot located in owerri the Okorocha have combined to accentuate things.

The lady who I was complaining to,suddenly walked out on me.

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Bought that battery then for about N4, in the name of 'original'.