cat-litter scoop: making the slots (holes) narrower? Dip into paint, glue?

Wide slot litter scoop. All Pine Litter Box | PRODUCTS

Going with a metal has the benefit of being much more difficult to crack and break when compared to plastic or other materials.

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This product was a nice idea in theory but in action does not work at all. Even when compared to other metal scoops on the market, this tends to be towards the top in terms of price. If you keep the screen layer on top you will have While we can appreciate the premium that you pay for using higher quality materials and it definitely does look like a premium product, we would have hoped for a nice handle potentially also made of metal for the asking price.

And it does not work for my kittens either practically everything falls thru including waste if middle part is used. I had a cheap scooper from the pet store and noticed that it collected feces on it and got all moldy and gross! However, the aluminum can be prone to have some color fading over time when being exposed to urine so when this happens the attractive aluminum sheen is replaced with a corroded look that can be somewhat off-putting.

Even most all-plastic examples still have some aesthetic features on them to make it more visually appealing but it wide slot litter scoop obvious that Pureness wanted to keep things simple. Appearance As the name suggests, the appearance refers to the aesthetic feel of the cat litter scoop.

This is primarily due to the inclusion of the caddy. The ports are long and thin and do a good job of catching even the smallest waste but if you use a litter with fine litter granules you might accidentally pick up more clean litter than you would want. At the same time though the holes in the It is also not available at any retail store I've ever seen. Read the full Feline Pine Original Cat Litter, Pound Bags Feline pine is the best but you can get cheaper Feline pine is the best litter if wide slot litter scoop use it correctly and make sure to get all the moisture in contact with the pellets.

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Being a large scoop, the port size is shaped in a way that really compliments the look and gives off the vibe of a high-quality product. Toughness The toughness of a cat litter scoop refers to how resilient it is to bending, breaking, cracking, or ultimately failing.

Use with Feline Pine I use this because it's basically the only one I've found that works with Feline Pine but be careful because it can break. Just be prepare to pay the premium price for it. Trying to keep up with all of these variables can be a little overwhelming, so we craps shreveport listed them all out to make it easier for you.

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While not scoop is extremely expensive it is just a handle and a small bucket, after all! The handle is also thick enough that for those with small or frail hands it might be a little tough to properly grip it. It is a pretty unique presentation, however, so the shape of the product itself makes it look pretty cool.

From choosing the material to the design of the ports and even the arch on the handle, there are a lot of areas that a company can tweak their scoop to stand out from the crowd. It is a bit on the small side and being made of plastic means that it might be a bit too much work for the largest and most demanding litter boxes but other than that it is an acceptable budget solution.

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Price — This is a very expensive item. Plus the larger pellets don't track. It really does a good job of presenting itself in a way that can make the scoop acceptable to leave out in the open.

While it might be a bit too large for some and it might have a hard to navigating smaller litter boxes, if you are after a scoop that will handle challenging caked on messes and also last for a while then this is a good choice. The slots it has are quite skinny and there are a lot of them.

This means that you can pick up a huge amount of litter in one pass. I just wish I could find it at a local store again so that I can save on shipping charges. Price This is a very simple metric and it involves the asking price of the scoop. Appearance — This is a very attractive looking scooper.

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Petco has not had it in stock since my original purchase. The ports are actually surprisingly large compared to the petite stature of the scoop and some smaller clumps might have a tendency to slide through, particularly if you are using a non-clumping litter. Mine is broken a little but still usable. If another wide slot scoop was available I might give it a try next time.

Appearance — This is a very straightforward design without any bells and whistles.